by: Jamal Ibrahim

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was up against overwhelming odds when the American-led invasion of Afghanistan began. The tactical retreat by the orders of the leadership from provincial capitals led to large areas falling into the hands of the enemies of Afghanistan in quick succession. The pundits, think tanks, analysts and foreigners along with their stooges declared it the end of the Islamic Emirate. After the tactical retreat and subsequent intial success of the invaders, the resistance of the Islamic Emirate started to slowly gain traction across Afghanistan as the free valiant people from every corner of the country and every walk of life started to join the ranks of Mujahideen.

At the time, odds were stacked against the Mujahideen from a materialistic point of view and the chances of victory seemed slim. The forces of the Islamic Emirate, armed with basic soviet-era automatic weapons, only relied on support from the common people when compared to modern weaponry, sophisticated technology and airpower of global invading coalition.

At the time, the focus was on resistance and defense. The resources were limited and the men were few. The leadership of the Islamic Emirate  themselves at the frontlines sacrificed their lives for the noble cause of the liberation of Afghanistan. Despite the lack of materialistic advantages and capabilities, the Islamic Emirate turned the tide of setbacks into victories by teaching unforgettable lessons to the enemies of Afghanistan with virtually nothing in their hands when it came to weaponry and battlefield resources.

After nearly 20 years of blood and sweat, the sincere hardwork, sacrifices, will and determination by the leaders and Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate paid off as they transformed into a capable force which brought down the technological advanced nations to their knees and ultimately forced them to admit defeat and withdraw their forces.

As an example of these military capabilities, we have one of the battalions of the Islamic Emirate known as the ‘Victorious Force’. When the resistance began, it was disorganized and rag tag guerrillas in every corner of the country, but currently they operate as an organized army. The forces of the Islamic Emirate are now the first line of defense for Afghanistan. Their job is the protection of ordinary Afghans, their honor, dignity and sanctities against all enemies wether they internal or external. The ‘Victorious Force’ is the small example of the current status of the forces whom are fully trained and considered the special units within the ranks of Mujahideen. They have modern light and heavy weapons, night vision, special military kits and mini drones. The military capabilities showcase that battalions such as the ‘Victorious Force’ are the future, and demonstrates that these are the only ones who are the protectors of the independence, territorial integrity and people of Afghanistan. Looking at this battalion called ‘Victorious Force’, it shows that the Islamic Emirate is now working hard to fill all the gaps for the future, to have an army that aims to establish peace, stability, defense, to protect the honor, property of people and establish an Islamic system.

The military force of the Islamic Emirate is an army whose beliefs, thoughts, intellect and morals are subject to Shari’a and are irrigated by the knowledge of Islam. These forces like the ‘Victorious Force’ are with the people and nation in every situation and place. Soldiers of the ‘Victorious Force’ along with all other military formations of the Islamic Emirate are equipped with high morale, intellectual and ethical training and are aware of their religious and cultural values ​​and responsibilities. They will never become a tool of the enemy and will always defend Afghanistan.

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