We are saddened to hear that Maulvi Naik Muhammad Rahbar, a sincere and brave comrade of the Islamic Emirate, was attacked by the vicious circles of the humiliating enemy of Islam and Mujahideen and martyred in a very cruel manner while fasting in Peshawar. went. I return to Allah and I return to Him

May Allah Almighty accept the martyrdom of Maulvi Rahbar in His court, make the martyrdom of Maulvi Sahib and other comrades of the Islamic Emirate a source of light for Islam and Muslims.

Along with condolences, we request the government of our Muslim neighbor Pakistan to take care of the lives of the Mujahideen and especially the leaders of the Islamic Emirate.

Due to the recent rise in hopes for lasting peace and full Islamic rule in the country, the internal and external enemies of the Islamic Emirate want to martyr the peaceful leaders of the Islamic Emirate who want to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing crisis in the country.

In the second stage, I hope that the differences among all the leaders of Islam do not lead to the martyrdom of an innocent Muslim and his companions. All Mujahideen should put aside their personal issues and goals and work together for the great goals of the Islamic Emirate.

Once again, we extend our condolences to the friends of the Islamic Emirate of Nangarhar and especially to the family of Maulvi Rahbar, and we pray to Allah Almighty to grant them high ranks. Amen

Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan

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