By: Muhammad Jalal

Sovereign, independent and prosperous Afghanistan is the dream of every Afghan and for the same above reason Afghans have made unimaginable sacrifices throughout their history. If we look at the history of Afghanistan we will see that Afghans have the historical recognition that they have made unforgettable sacrifices in defense of the Islamic system in Afghanistan, so the people of a country that has made such sacrifices with history witness to them and have gone through various tests in this way and continue to do so even today, then how is it possible for them to accept a system imposed by others on them?

The invaders and their puppets violated the territorial integrity of Afghanistan, overthrew the Islamic and national government of the Taliban, deprived Afghans of their freedom, promoted immorality, produced and spread narcotics, increased insecurity, created professional mercenaries, slaves, thieves and imposed them on the Afghan people. The foreign sponsored artificial state building and the western democracy which was imported with help of B52 bombers has failed miserably in Afghanistan because the nation is not standing behind such ideas and have rejected it every time. The Afghan people have gone through four decades of war, misery, unrest and insecurity and are at a critical juncture at this moment. If the current situation and status quo changes, Afghans will have lasting peace and stability in their homeland and the only way for that change to happen is the implementation of an Islamic system as per the aspirations of the common Afghans.

Afghans consider the Kabul administration as slaves and protectors of foreign interests, who can neither defend the religious nor the national values ​​of the Afghan people. Everyone knows that they are not independent in their politics, economy and military affairs, nor have they protected the highest interests of the people. It is clear to everyone that the past nineteen years occupation of Afghanistan has produced nothing but evil and corruption.

During the past nineteen years occupation of Afghanistan we saw that many selfish circles sold the country’s wealth for their own personal gains, many multitudes of secret deals with foreign countries, and did every wrong one can imagine. Corrupt warlords and tyrants occupied the highest seats of power, women and youth were robbed of their rights and are still being robbed of their honor and dignity.

During the course of the past nineteen years of foreign occupation of Afghanistan, we saw how Afghans were weak and vulnerable at the beginning of this dilemma but that time is long gone and Afghans are stronger than ever and are now no longer ready to hand over power to the stooges of foreigners but they are counting down the days to the advent of a pure Islamic system in the country which will be ultimately fulfilled their aspirations.

The current peace process and the diplomatic efforts by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are for the achievement and implementation of an Islamic system in Afghanistan of this goal. The Kabul administration and its officials imposed on the Afghan people by the foreign occupation are still thinking of sabotaging the peace process, many of them identify as foreign mercenaries who see only their own interests and power secured in the continuation of war. The Afghan people consider the Kabul administration to be a mixture of foreign mercenaries who have no right to govern Afghanistan and have been rejected by the nation. It is a shame for the backers of the Kabul administration to stand behind the regime formed as a result of illegitimate elections. It is another act of shame for the foreigner backers of the Kabul administration to call themselves the guardians of law, human and civil rights, and to openly support the imposition of such lawlessness and corruption on the Afghan people.

The only solution for the problems of Afghanistan is the restoration and implementation of Islamic system as per the aspirations of Afghans. The Afghan people will continue their struggle for freedom until the invading forces leave the country, until independence is restored and until the oppressed people breath a sigh of relief in the peaceful shade of an Islamic system.


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