A few days ago, savage American soldiers and their trained savage campaign troops raided a Mujahideen base in Sabri District, Khost Province, during which many close friends of Caliph lost their lives and were martyred.

May Allah accept the martyrdom of these Mujahideen in His court and may their sacrifices be a source of light for this country and the future of the Mujahideen.

The operation is not the first by US savage troops since the Doha Accords, and it is not uncommon for them to break their promises. We have said before that the leaders of the Islamic Emirate should clarify whether they have made such an agreement with the Americans. That the hands of Mujahideen will be tied and they will carry out operations?

Many brave Mujahideen comrades of the Islamic Emirate were martyred in this operation. It is the duty of all Mujahideen to take revenge on these Mujahideen.

In retaliation, rockets were fired at a U.S. military base, killing several U.S. and Afghan soldiers, but the attack was a warning. The Mujahideen will deal a blow to the Americans and savage soldiers of this campaign that will be remembered forever. They will realize how much damage can be done by breaking the agreement with the Mujahideen and thus martyring the Mujahideen.

Inshallah this revenge will be taken and soon the whole world will witness it and the people will have to know how the leaders are trading power and money. We will not leave the blood of our Mujahideen comrades to the enemy at any cost.

By May, the response to every American attack will have tripled, but since May, the Americans themselves and the world will witness attacks on Americans, our suicide bomber comrades are ready to eliminate dozens of their men in a single day.  We are just waiting for this agreement to be broken by the US۔

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