BALKH, Mar. 23 – In Balkh province’s 5 district 30 enemy’s joint military personnel laid down their arms against the Islamic Emirate and the Mujahideen fighters.

The surrender came in Deh Dadi, Sholgar, Dowlat Abad, Chahar Bolak, and Khas Balkh districts of Balkh province.

Similarly, 8 enemy personnel surrendered themselves to the Islamic Emirate in the Alasay district of Kapisa province.

In reports from Paktia province, 4 enemy soldiers joined Mujahideen in Zazi Aryub district and 1 in Jani Khail district of the province.

According to a report from Baghlan province, 3 enemy soldiers gave in to Mujahideen in the Pol-e-Khomri district of the province.

Moreover, 2 Arbakis surrendered themselves in the Nirkh district of Wardak province, and 1 enemy soldier joined Mujahideen in the Khawaja Omari district of Ghazni province.

Likewise, 1 enemy soldier joined Mujahideen in Kunar province, and 2 enemy soldiers in Norgram district of neighboring Nuristan province.


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