by: Muhammad Jalal

19 years have passed since the battle of Shahi Kot valley. Today we are remembering this historical battle where the valiant and heroic Mullah Saif ur Rahman Mansoor (may Allah accept him) led his men in their symbolic resistance against the foreign invaders. The historic battle of Shahi Kot was the beginning of the sacred jihad against the occupation of Afghanistan, and the first face to face battle involving a large number of invading forces participating in direct combat against Afghans.

The battle of Shahi Kot is the story of Jihadi heroism and bravery of Afghans. As we know that Jihad is a divine duty and losing one’s life in this path is martyrdom. If we look at the history of Afghanistan we will see that there are thousands of examples where Afghans have attained the high status of martyrdom and have sacrificed their precious blood and souls in the fight against the occupations to please Allah the Almighty and for the defense of their beloved country.

19 years ago in Shahi Kot valley of Zurmat district, Paktia province, for the first time the Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan led by Mullah Saif ur Rahman Mansoor (may Allah accept him) fought against the foreign invaders and laid the foundation of a historic resistance against the invading forces. With the heroic resistance, Mullah Saif ur Rehman Mansoor and his men (may Allah accept them) revived the faltering hopes of the countrymen because at the time, hopes were fading and fighting the global coalition was seen as utter madness with no logical justification for victory. This battle also showed to those near and far that the essence of success of the Islamic Emirate is based on the practical sacrifices of its leaders, and the sacrifices that the leaders of the Islamic Emirate have presented from the very beginning to the present day are rare to find in history.

The battle of Shahi Kot took place at a time when the American invasion was in full swing. America’s technological superiority, propaganda, and multi-pronged war and aggression had dampened public morale and left their spirits in a state of extreme weakness.

If we look at what happened in Shahi Kot, it was the special mercy and help of Allah the Almighty on the heroic Mujahidin of this battle, especially on the martyred Mullah Saif ur Rahman Mansoor (may Allah accept him). Allah the Almighty gave them the strength to stand firm in difficult times. They withstood the storm of the superior firepower of the invaders and the techniques and modern weapons of the invaders did not shake their resolve, instead they boldly raised the banner of Jihad against the invaders. The battle of Shahi Kot has a special place in our jihadi history because it revived the fallen spirits and low morale of the Mujahideen.

The blood of the Jihadi uprising was flowing in the veins of the people and it was proven once more that no matter how well equipped and powerful the enemy may be, the Mujahideen can fight, resist and overcome it with the help of the Almighty.

After the Battle of Shahikot, the Jihadi uprising against the invaders intensified across the country and 19 years later, we see that thanks to the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs, the invaders have fallen from their position of arrogance and false pride.

The army of truth will always be exalted and victorious in this world and in the hereafter. The call of resistance from the tall and lofty mountains of Shahi Kot still reverberates across Afghanistan today.

May Allah Almighty protect all Muslims from the shame and humiliation of this world and the hereafter, and may Allah the Almighty give strenght and perseverance to those who follow the right path.

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