Recently, the Complaints Commission have received some complaints from some provinces regarding Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate. Most of the complaints were from the customs officials, institutions and education officials of the Islamic Emirate.

They have complained that they are involved in financial corruption which shows that a large amount of public treasury money goes into their personal pockets.

We openly declare to all of you that our efforts are for the consent of Allah not for the sake of making wealth and possessions. Do not do anything that will ruin this world and the hereafter.

Therefore, all provincial and district officials are instructed to closely monitor the education, customs, public health and institutions officials and if any such person is found, he should be removed from the ranks of Mujahidin on that day. And severe punishment be meted out because such persons do not only destroy their whole life but it causes dishonor to all sacred mujahideen.

All officials should take immediate action and report back to the Complaints Commission.

Complaints Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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