During the year 2020 starting from the month of January until 16th of December, a total of 1834 civilian casualty incidents were recorded across 34 provinces in which 165 were caused by airstrikes and raids of American and NATO forces, 1307 incidents were attributed to forces of the Kabul administration while 362 other incidents were caused by unknown individuals or due to internecine violence.

Similarly, a total of 424 civilian Afghans were arbitrarily detained by American, NATO or Kabul administration forces without any charges during the year 2020.

In the aforementioned incidents, a total of 3703 innocent compatriots were martyred and wounded from which 1787 were martyred and 1916 wounded.

American and NATO forces martyred 319 civilians of which 197 were male, 71 female and 61 children.

American and NATO forces also wounded 332 civilians of which 207 were male, 64 female and 58 children.

Moreover, a total of 260 innocent compatriots were arbitrarily detained by American and NATO forces.

Over the course of the year, the Kabul administration troopers, police and other military organs martyred 872 innocent Afghans of which 541 were male, 133 female and 198 children.

Kabul administration troopers, police and other military organs wounded 1218 civilians of which 691 were male, 217 female and 310 children, whereas another 164 innocent Afghans were also arbitrarily detained.

Over the course of the year 2020, a total of 596 Afghans were also martyred by unknown persons or in internecine fighting of which 433 were male, 104 female and 59 children.

Likewise, a total of 366 civilians were wounded by unknown persons or due to internecine fighting of which 299 were male, 28 female and 39 children.

Material losses inflicted on civilians by belligerent groups until 16th December 2020:

– 44 mosques destroyed

– 45 religious seminaries destroyed

– 789 civilian homes destroyed

– 15 health clinics and schools destroyed

– 167 shops destroyed

– 84 vehicles destroyed

– 57 motorbikes destroyed

– 645 livestock killed

– 14720000 Afghani (local currency) looted

– 152 solar panels looted

– 35 jerib (land measurement unit) orchards destroyed

– 120 jerib agriculture land destroyed

Summary of civilian losses for 2020:

A total of 1734 civilian casualty incident were recorded across 34 provinces of Afghanistan during the year 2020 from which a total of 165 incidents are attributed to American and NATO forces, 1307 incidents attributed to Kabul administration troops, police and other military organs, and 364 attributed to unknown persons or internecine fighting.

A total of 3703 innocent compatriots were martyred and injured in all of the recorded incidents, with a total of 1787 martyred and 1916 wounded.

The above losses quantified into percentages along with those responsible can be viewed in the below graph.

The details and percentages of the above figures split into quarterly reports can also be viewed and downloaded from here.


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