Respected Leaders of the Islamic Emirate! About five years ago, when the American occupying forces invaded Afghanistan, they overthrew the Islamic system in Afghanistan, bombed people’s homes, and martyred innocent people. In short, there is no oppression that these crusaders did not commit. The Muslim nation of Afghanistan, as usual, once again rose up against these occupying forces and continued their jihad and armed struggle under the banner of the Islamic Emirate. Nineteen years later, the US and their allies after being crushed have finally conceded defeat in Afghanistan.

since past 19 years, Mujahedeen have been carrying out their jihadi operations with high Islamic morale in accordance with the fatwas of scholars and all Islamic principles. As the Ulema (Islamic Scholars) called the arrival of the American army an occupation and declared war. Therefore, according to this decision of the scholars, the Mujahedeen fought against the US invaders and did not back down from any sacrifice for the sake of God Almighty. We pray to Allah Almighty to accept these sacrifices of Mujahedeen in His court and give us pride in this world and in the hereafter.

A peace agreement was signed between the Islamic Emirate and United States in Doha, according to which no Mujahid of the Islamic Emirate is allowed to attack the convoys, vehicles and bases of the American forces, so now the Mujahideen have doubts about this. The concern of the Mujahideen is that, the war with the Afghan forces was for the sake of their allegiance with occupying forces. Now that the root of the problem, which is the US forces, has been resolved, why are we waging jihad with the Afghan forces?

If we are to fight, there must be clear Sharia command to fight. The Mujahedeen are fighting this war not for their own benefit or the personal interest of the leaders of the Emirate but for the pleasure of Allah Almighty. Therefore, it is necessary to explain this issue to the Mujahedeen in the light of all Islamic laws and commands.

Another thing is that recently the interest of Mujahedeen in fighting has been declining as there are no Sharia rules to fight any more, as a result of which more Mujahedeen are being killed on the battlefield. Mujahedeen casualties in the recent battles in Helmand and Arghandab have been unusually high. Despite double the usual chances, we did not win in Arghandab and Helmand.

Along with failure, the killing and displacement of civilians brought the Islamic Emirate into disrepute as the common people held Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate responsible for all these troubles. That they left the area under the control of the Islamic Emirate and went to the areas under the control of the Kabul administration.

Finally, we request the Mujahedeen of the Islamic Emirate, in view of all these issues, to convene a meeting of all the religious scholars of Afghanistan, take their fatwa on the justification of the current war and accept responsibility for the blood of innocent Muslims. Do not allow Mujahedeen to commit grave sins and do not kill Muslims for your personal and political interests.

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