Uzzam Haqqani

An important part of the agreement reached in Qatar to initiate peace process was the release of prisoners and the start of inter-Afghan talks. Over the past few months, various obstacles to the release of prisoners have been created. However, the issue of the release of most of the detainees continued, but a few days ago, a number of officials from the Kabul administration announced that they would not release the remaining hundreds of detainees.

The point is, if prisoners are not released, negotiations will not begin.

I want to mention a few things here. The first thing is that I do not hold the Kabul administration officials responsible for the release of the prisoners, nor do I ask them why the release of the prisoners was delayed so much? Instead, I would like to ask those bargainers and so-called Islamic Emirate leaders in Qatar who have started peace business why you do not push the other side to fully implement the agreement. Why is the issue of release of prisoners still pending? If you can’t negotiate, then announce to the Mujahideen and they will forcibly release our oppressed prisoners from the clutches of the enemy.

How have mujahedeen benefited by this agreement? Prisoners are not released? The airstrikes have not stopped, the Islamic government has not been formed, so we do not know what is the advantage of this agreement. Why did we humbly accept this agreement and in the end we got nothing but shame.

Who is behind all these decisions that have humiliated the Mujahideen and the Emirate? After nearly 18 years of armed struggle, and the sacrifices Mujahideen made۔Many areas were captured by the Mujahideen. When the enemy was defeated, a few spies appeared and took the whole idea of the Mujahideen from Jihad to the drama of peace.

Finally, I would like to point out that there is no need to be lenient with these people. The war must be intensified and the shadow of the Islamic government and the white flag must spread once again in Kabul.

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