The statement of Arg and the declarations of its three officials about the bloody incident in Helmand are both marvelously astonishing and shameful at the same time.

The 2nd Regiment of Kabul administration’s 215 Maiwand Corps conducted an indiscriminate heavy artillery attack on a crowded open-air market in Sangin district from which over 50 civilians were martyred and wounded and countless livestock was lost. The Arg however issued a very shameful, contradictory and insolent statement in response.

At first, the spokesman of Arg Sediq Sediqqi tweeted that this incident was the result of two explosions conducted by the Taliban. Later on, another statement of Arg designated the attack as a terrorist act by unknown perpetrators thus testifying that Sediqqi’s claim was a lie. Then another spokesperson of Arg named Dawa Khan wrote poems on his twitter rather than condemning the attack or showing sympathy with the victims. Following that, another spokesman of Arg by the name of Murtazavi also called the incident as a crime against humanity but still did not expose the felons.

The contradictory, ridiculous and untruthful responses of Arg-based puppets were circulated by news outlets even as images and videos of the site shared on social media had already disclosed the frightening realty about the tragedy.

The irrational and ignoramus responses of Arg based actors practically proved that these brutal attacks are not the rouge actions their drug addict militias rather they are directed by their officials. It also made clear that the daily mysterious crimes taking place in the country are due to the direct orders by Arg-based officials because Arg-stationed and related news sources always make shameful efforts to cover up the crime scene and attribute them to others. Moreover, it also exposed the fact that the lives of oppressed Afghan people hold no value for the officials of Kabul puppet administration hence they endorse their reckless and brutal slaughter.

The reality is the communist puppets prior to them also committed such atrocities during the last days of their dark rule but in the end they were caught in the revengeful fist of our nation and were meted punishment for their wicked actions.

The present Kabul-based puppets should take heed from recent past history. The oppressed Afghan nation is not so helpless and without a supporter, no, rather they rely upon a Mighty and Avenging Lord from whose account no tyrant can escape.


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