As the Doha agreement to bring an end to the 20-year occupation and war is being implemented sequentially and the prisoner release process is continuing, another glad tiding that can prove to beneficial in preventing internal conflict and strife in the future is the joining of troopers and other military officials of the opposition with the Islamic Emirate – a process that has picked up a lot of pace recently.

Large groups of troops, militiamen and workers of other military branches left their opposition and joined the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate over the past few days in Balkh, Paktia, Logar, Baghlan and other provinces.

The Islamic Emirate, which has already announced general amnesty to those who end their opposition, warmly welcomed these individuals, treated them as brothers, showered them with flowers, overlooked all former enmity, provided everything at disposal for their honorable and secure return to normal lives in their homes, villages and regions.

This is an excellent development because an important condition for achieving an Islamic and peaceful Afghanistan is that these people working at the behest of others renounce enmity towards their Muslim brothers, an act that is not only in conflict at the tenets of Islam but also has no intellectual or moral justification.

Unfortunately, a number of our youth were misled by the propaganda and false promises of foreign invaders over the past twenty years. They played the role of auxiliaries in the occupation of their homeland and supported foreigners in the destruction of their own homes and killing of their own people even as the Islamic Emirate has always left the doors of amnesty open towards them and encouraged them to end fighting for the unlawful interest of others.

But after twenty years, the reality has begun revealing itself even more over the past few months as the truth of the Islamic Emirate has shined bright like the sun and our Muslim nation has begun taking steps towards a sovereign and peaceful Islamic government following a proud historic struggle. Therefore, the turning back of our misguided brothers towards the truth can be considered the bearer of joy and glad tidings. The Islamic Emirate sees the prosperity, security and development of our homeland and people in the amalgamation, unity and reconciliation of our people hence it has created a special commission of ‘Preaching and Guidance’ that operates in all provinces of the country.

We again call on all troops and workers of the opposition to stop the killing of your own Muslim compatriots with the weapons and orders of foreigners, to end your opposition and to sincerely join the ongoing peace process.


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