In the northern Afghan provinces of Faryab and Jawzjan, a number of miscreants who had joined the ranks of the Islamic Emirate on the orders of the enemy have returned back to the enemy side.

These miscreants, who are very few in number, will have no effect on the activities of the Mujahedeen in Jawzjan and Faryab provinces.

In the past, such constitutional and evil people had diverted their way from the Islamic Emirate at the behest of the enemy, but they did not get any good in this world and the hereafter except shame.

The roots of the Islamic Emirate are strong in the north and among the people. Islamic Emirate will not face any problem with the separation of such people.

We once again call on these people to refrain from the shame of this world and the hereafter and to rejoin the Mujahedeen of the Islamic Emirate, otherwise, they will face severe repercussions from the Mujahedeen and will be punished for their actions.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

23/09/1441 Hijri Lunar

27/02/1399 Hijri Solar                  16/05/2020 Gregorian

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